Conversion Cost

Small Microfilm Orders

For orders less than 25 standard rolls of microfilm (100′ rolls), Secure7 Digital offers flat-rate pricing for 16mm and 35mm roll film scanning. That means a fair flat rate and no pricing variables based on how many images you have!

# of Rolls Price / Roll
Sample $125
1 $115
2 – 5 $100
6 – 10 $95
11 – 25 $90

Large Microfilm Orders

For orders greater than 25 rolls of film, duplex film, or rolls longer than 100′ we can offer custom volume based discounts based on your needs. Request a Consult and our staff would be happy to present all the options for volume-based pricing and discounts for you.

Volume Pricing Available

How to Order

  1. Request a Consultation. Upon reply indicate your small order status and the number of rolls.
  2. We will review then contact you for billing info and once paid provide you with a packing slip.
  3. We pre-process your payment via major credit card.
  4. We then convert your microfilm to digital images in the format you requested.
  5. After completion, we mail your microfilm and DVD(s) containing your images back to you.
  6. Else we can sftp or encrypt the DVD(s) containing your images prior to returning.

Frequently Asked Questions About Small Orders

I'm in a hurry. Can you expedite my order?
Yes, expedited service is available. Please contact us for details.
How long will it take to scan my microfilm?
Typically, it takes us about a week to ten days (once we receive your film) to process orders up to ten rolls and ship your film back to you.

For larger orders add about 1/2 day per roll until we return your film back to you. We ship all small orders via UPS 3 Day and provide tracking information.

Can you run some free sample scans of my microfilm?
Secure7 Digital provides samples for orders over 50 rolls. Else, our cost for a single roll is also very economical.
I have microfiche / aperture cards. How much will it cost to scan them?
Aperture or Hollerith cards have many variables. Please contact us with details for pricing.
Can you selectively scan a few frames on each roll of microfilm?
Partial scans are not possible. However, you can always delete any unwanted images yourself.
What image formats can be utilized?
Typically we convert to a high resolution bi-tonal tif group 4 image but many applications may also call for a PDF format.We deliver back either 1;1

.TIF image to frame or we can group all frames into one big PDF file for each roll you send us, where each frame on your film represented as a page in the file..PDF files can be viewed with the free

.PDF files can be viewed with the free Adobe Acrobat Viewer which allows you to save, print, and email your images on any computer. And if your application requires a PDF image + hidden text so it is searchable then we can utilize optical character recognition (OCR) to allow you to easily search for metadata keywords.

.JPG images are a common image format, but they only support 1:1 frame to image and typically require a graphics program in order to view or edit them.

Can you provide other image formats? How about higher resolution scans?
Although 200-300 dpi TIF and PDFs work well for over a majority of our customers, if required we can provide you with just about any common image format.

Please contact us if you need a specific image format or resolution.

What is OCR and why would I want it?
Optical Character Recognition (OCR), is an image to text conversion process that analyzes each image (picture) recognizes shapes and then extracts text from the images which is provided either in a .txt file (0001,tif:0001.txt) or if using .PDF it can be embedded in an invisible layer of digital text behind your images; this image + hidden text searchable PDF file allows you to select then copy & paste text or search for a specific word or term such as a name or number to be found. Remember that OCR is a tool and it works very well with typewritten text but there are too many variables in handwritten text to be reliable.

Would you like to learn more about microfilm?

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